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• Curation / participation in the group show "Initiation//Kallichoron" at Florian Trampler Gallery during Munich Jewellery Week.
• Video presentation (in cooperation with Christoph Ziegler) at the Symposium "Aspects of Independent Artistic Creation in Greece today" at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) in Athens.


• "Offering jewellery to the ones who cannot wear it: Burying the dead with jewellery, adorning icons with jewellery in contemporary Greece". Pitch for "Jewellery Matters", International Symposium at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
• Curation / participation in the exhibition project "Initiation 2017“ at Sieraad International Jewellery Art Fair, Amsterdam.
• Group show "angewanzt" at Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein Gallery, Munich
• "Schmuckbegehren" - Exhibition of the International Private Collection of Sara and Jeroen Redel at Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein.
• Curation / participation in the group show "Initiation""at Florian Trampler Gallery during Munich Jewellery Week.
• Exhibition "Schmuck 2017" at the Internationale Handwerksmesse Munich - Nominated for the Herbert Hofmann Award.
• Group exhibition at "Galerie Ra" at the Internationale Handwerksmesse Munich.
• Solo exhibition "Berlin: 1989-2016. End of an era" at Cine Trianon Athens in collaboration with the "Victoria Square Project" by Rick Lowe for Dokumenta 14 Athens.
• Group exhibition "Komplizen" at Galerie Werner Hermsen, Wiesbaden.
• Co-curation of the Artist In Residence series "one Artist A Week" at Cine Trianon, Athens. Collaboration with the "Victoria Square Project" by US artist Rick Lowe for Documenta 14 Athen.
• "Open Studio": Duo exhibition with Christoph Ziegler at Augo Avgo Gallery, Leonidio - Greece.
• Group exhibition "Trash & Treasures" at Wagner Preziosen Berlin.
• Exhibition (together with artist Christoph Ziegler) at Schichtwechsel Gallery Hamburg.


• "Art Pulses". Participation in the group exhibition of the Onassis Scholars Association at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Hospital Athens.
• Co-curation of and participation in the group exhibition "Myths 2016" at Sieraad International Jewellery Art Fair Amsterdam.
• "Tarot-Moebling". Participative performance at 2025 e.V. Hamburg.
• Participation as ZLR Betriebsimperium duo in Grassimesse Leipzig.
• "Magic jewelry". Children’s workshop at Altes Museum Berlin.
• Curation of the monthly art exhibitions at Cine Trianon, Athens.
• Lecture on "How to turn tradition extrovert" at the Tsakonian Congress, Prastos - Greece.
• "Archaic Landscapes". Group exhibition at Augo Avgo Gallery, Leonidio - Greece.
• Co-curation of and participation in the group exhibition "Myths 2016-Test Drive" at Munich Jewellery Week.
• Participation in the exhibition "Collective Identity" at Greskewitz & Kleinitz Gallery, Hamburg.


• Co-curation of and participation in the group exhibition "Myths 2015" at Sieraad Jewellery Art Fair in Amsterdam.
• "Dialogue with Zen", an art exhibition along with Christoph Ziegler in the lobby of Zen Center Athens.
• Co-curation of and participation in the group exhibition Myths 2015 during Munich Jewellery Week (Schmuck). at Weltraum Gallery, Munich.
• Co-curation of and participation in the group show "Twisted" at Augo Avgo Art Space, Leonidio/ Greece.
• Participation in the exhibition "Affordable Art & Design" at Papenhuder57 Gallery, Hamburg.


• Her interactive project "Das Rapunzel Häuschen Nebenan" was nominated for the Altonale Art Festival-Prize.
• "Zwischenspiel", Group exhibition at Studio F40, Thikwa Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst, Berlin.
• "Lange Nacht der Konsulate". Stitchathon Performance at Consulate of Greece in Hamburg.
• "40 Years Federal Agency for the Environment". Guest artist.
• Lecturer at Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof "Applying principles of communication and media coverage on jewellery design".
• Contribution to the workshop "Urbane Farm" at Bauhaus Foundation Dessau.
• "Der Rote Faden 14" - cooperation with theater director Evgeni Mestetschkin. Grant by the Hamburg Culture Authorities.
• "WeltAusstellung GrensWerte", Group exhibition in Kloster Bentlage.
• "Myths/Mythen" (Part II), Organizer, curator and participant in the jewellery art exhibition,
Hinterconti Art Space, Hamburg.
• "Odyssey", Art-as-interaction-workshop at the "Schule am See" in Hamburg. Cooperation with artist Christoph Ziegler in the "Kulturagenten"" programme.


• "Myths/Mythen" (Part I), Organizer, curator and participant in the jewellery art exhibition,
Funck[ ]Raum, Berlin.
• "Creative Trash", an Upcycling Workshop for kids at the Umweltbundesamt, Dessau.
• Presentation of Loukia's participative art projects at "Designers' Sunday" in Stilwerk Hamburg.
• Exhibition of the paper sculpture series "Pornodolls" by Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler at Sankt Pauli Museum, Hamburg.
• "Labyrinth", Workshop on textile and improvisation in Theater Thikwa, Berlin.
• "Müllsafari - Trash-Safari", Street art performance in a train and walk-through-a-city, Dessau, Leipzig & Berlin.
• "Stitchathon"" at the Altonale project "Das Glück liegt auf der Strasse" by Michael Schäfer, Hamburg.
• "Zyklus/Cycle", Solo exhibition in Umwelt Bundesamt Dessau.
• "Stitchathon", Participative performance at Griechische Kulturstiftung, Berlin.
• "ZLR präsentiert/presents ZLR", a design exhibition along with Christoph Ziegler in the gallery 'Entwurf Direkt', Hamburg.


• "Bahnfasern zu Grenzverbindungen", a participative art project in a train connecting Germany and Holland for GrensWerte / EUREGIO. Catalogue.
• "Ab in die Mitte!", Stitchathon and 'ZBS - Zentralbank Schöppingen', participative art projects for the Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen. Catalogue.
• "Creative Tarot", Participative art performance for the project 'Utopisches Institut Open Museum in der Kunsthalle' by Christoph Ziegler, Hamburg.
• "Stitchathon - Utopian Maps", Participative art performance for the project 'Utopisches Institut Altona' by Christoph Ziegler, Hamburg.
• "Stitchathon: Oresteia", Participative art performance at Gallery KunstNah, Hamburg.
• "A Stitcher's Odyssey", Solo exhibition und "Stitchathon" at Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam.
• "Stitchathon: Oresteia", Participative art performance for students of the University of Amsterdam.
• "Stitchathon: Odyssey", Participative art performance for the project 'Camping' by Christoph Ziegler at Gauloises Variété Liberté Festival, Hamburg.
• Participation in the Art Books Fair 'WildBookMarket', Rotterdam. Catalogue.


• Stiftung Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen. Scholarship for the realisation of two participatory art projects. Catalogue.
• Participative art project at the lobby of "Art Hotel Dulac", Amsterdam.
• "The Fulbright Alumni Art Series", Group exhibition, Thessaloniki. e-Catalogue.
• "The Olive Tree A Rooster Called Home", Solo exhibition at Coco-mat concept stores in Antwerp, Amsterdam & Rotterdam. e-Catalogue.


• Curator of the AIR-Programme of Leonidio, a town in Peloponnese. Participation in the following group exhibition "A Tower Haunted With History".
• "I Care A Lot - Middle East Portable Discussion", Group exhibition at Idare-Oberstein University, Trier - Platina Gallery, Stockholm - Articula Gallery, Lisbon.
• "Stitch 'N Bitch Athens" - A participative art experiment on social networking and textile techniques (2010-2011).
• "Magic jewellery", Textile jewellery workshops for children during 'European Heritage Days' at Pireaus Bank Cultural Foundation Museum in Volos (Greece).


• AIR at 'Ted Noten Atelier Amsterdam' for the "Red Light Design", an art project of the City of Amsterdam.
• 2FashionHouseHotel, Group exhibition, Athens.


• "The Fulbright Award for Mid Career Artists". A scholarship to study Greek embroidery collections at 'The Textile Museum' in Washington DC.
• Presentation of Loukia's work in 'Adorn. The Jewellery Book', von A. Mansell, Thames & Hudson, London.
• "Labyrinths", Solo exhibition with jewellery and textile works in Sagiannos Gallery, Athens.
• "Greek textile art”, Lecture at Embassy of Greece, Washington DC.
• "Symbols of Faith", Group exhibition in Coda Museum for Modern & Contemporary Art - Apeldoorn.


• "Faith", Group exhibition at RAI Amsterdam and nomination for the 'New Traditional Jewellery Award'.


• "Heirlooms", Group exhibition at St. Botolph's Church, London. Catalogue.
• "Selected maker" marketing grant by 'Crafts Council England'.


• Assignment by the Benaki Museum Athens to create a textile jewellery series inspired by their collection.


• "Going home", Solo exhibition (painting) at the 'The Peloponnesean Folklore Foundation' - Nafplio (Greece). Catalogue.


• "Berlin - Paradoxical landscapes", Solo exhibition (collage, etching and photograms) at Manifactura Galler, Athens.


• "Going home", Solo exhibition at the 'Tsikaliotis Cultural Centre', Leonidio (Greece).


• "Art bonds", Group exhibition of Onassis Benefit Foundation alumni at the 'Municipal Gallery of Athens". Catalogue.